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I've authored multiple jazz books, including works on music history and personal artist stories. Check them out along with my latest project, "Fabulous Female Musicians."

 About me and my work

I have had several books published on jazz music, history and artists' personal stories. Below you will find the books , links to them and my latest project Fabulous Female Musicians.  

Published September 2023

Fabulous Female Musicians

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21 female musicians from across the globe tell their stories. It's time to celebrate the incredible achievements of female musicians! "Fabulous Female Musicians" showcases the stories of 21 remarkable women who have made their mark in the music industry. From battling adversity to reaching the heights of success, these trailblazers have broken barriers and inspired countless others. This book amplifies their contributions and voices. Those included are Ellen Rowe, Leni Stern, Charu Suri, China Moses, Amina Figarova, Jamie Baum, Maggie Nicols, Zoe Rahman, Simone Baron, Sara Serpa, Ruth Goller, Anjelica Cleaver, Destiny Muhammad, Emma Smith, Collette Cooper, Emma Rawicz, Natasha Seale, Brigitte Beraha, Jeanie Barton, Rachel Sutton, Evie Asio. Learn how they came to music, found their instrument and how they would advise those who follow. Foreword by Vick Bain. 

Published May 2022

The Wonder of Jazz

A book that has achieved acclaim across the globe. Reviewers have said, " The Wonder of Jazz is a book to share with friends, to chat about over drinks, and to revisit, for the sheer enjoyment of Stein’s love for jazz and all its associated sub-genres" Lee Rice Epstein, Free Jazz Collective. " This is important and inspiring writing by someone who has bothered to do new research" Stephen Godsall, Jazz Halo. The book went to number 1 on Amazon Jazz Music and is an important introduction to jazz for those who already love the genre and those new to it. Sections on jazz dynasties, women in jazz, education and so much more including input from almost 100 musicians make this different and very readable. 

WOJcover ISBN 9781800688728.jpg

March 2021 


Pause, Play, repeat

Pause, Play, Repeat front cover v1.jpg

This highly acclaimed book tells how the pandemic affected musicians. Told from the viewpoint of musicians themselves, 'Pause, Play, Repeat', is an in-depth probe into the devastation and hardship that almost two years of lockdown had on musicians around the globe. the interviews are candid and also positive, telling of how musicians continued to be creative in the face of adversity, how new partnerships and collaborations formed and the genuine positivity that is now happening in our post-pandemic world.  Musicians include Ray Gelato, Collette Cooper, tara Minton and many more from across the globe. 

Published September 2019

Women In Jazz: The Women, The Legends and their fight

Women In Jazz explores the journeys of women in jazz. It celebrates their presence, hears their voices, wonders at their prowess and revels in their being. We hear from female agents, arrangers, composers, musicians, PR people, radio hosts, record label managers, singers, writers and more. These are their stories; their views of jazz and how they see the future. The established performers share their years of experience whilst those newer to jazz reflect on observations and changes they have seen. This book is witness to the generosity, profundity and positivity with which women have responded and the energy they have put into their lives in overcoming challenges. the book has been the topic of radio shows, interviews and received stellar reviews and gained Sammy awards. 

"It's all here, beautifully written, eloquently argued, clear-eyed in its intentions and open in its invitation " Jane Cornwell, Jazzwise Magazine

"Sammy Stein's new book Women in Jazz: The Women, the Legends & Their Fight uses a wide-angle lens to look at how women in a range of different roles have made a life in-and helped shape-jazz. Instead of only focusing on well-known performers, Stein interviewed agents, arrangers, composers, public relations professionals, media members, and more. Her subjects bridge generations (and international boundaries) in an effort to honor the past, assess the present, and point to the future." Emile Manasche, Jazz Times

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