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Top things in 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I am asked to contribute to so many top lists for the year at this time, so I decided to do my own.

Here are some of the recordings I have found, enjoyed and reviewed or listened to during 2022 which have stuck in my mind. In no particular order here are records, things of interest and other things which meant 2022 was a great year for jazz.


Ivo Perelman - reed capture in Brooklyn (Mahakala Music)

Tamarisk - Play A Word for Sun (Waveform Alphabet)

The Bad Plus - The Bad Plus (Edition)

Tyler Mitchell feat Marshall Allen - dancing Shadows (Mahakala Music)

Sylvia Bolognesi Young Shouts - A Frame In A Crowd ( Fonterossa)

Mats Gustafsson and Tony Lugo - vertical ( Superpang)

Agile Experiments - Challenger/Edwards/De Rose (De Rose records)

Sothiac feat. Paul Jolly - Superluna (33 Xtreme)

MC3 - Sounds of The City (Phenocene)

Dan Costa - Beams

Mohamed Assani - Lullaby For Guli

Phil Raskin - Satya

Maddalena Ghezzi - Emerald

Mark Wade - True Stories

Collette Cooper - Dark Side of Christmas

Stefan Orins Trio - October 11

Guisseppe Doronzo -Aterraterr

Evie Asio - Contending and Contention

Julie Campiche Quartet - You Matter

Yves Leveille - L'echelle Du temps

Frida Touray - Mending

Stan Stewart - Put the Q in Jazz

Richard Davies - Travel Without Movement

Dmitri Matheny - Cascadia

Xose Miguelez - Contradicto

Elise Morris - Love is A Love

Richard Davies - A Pagan Landscape

Mark Christian Miller - Music In The Air

David Dower - Mravka

Other memorable gigs/articles/things

Wilko Johnson performance in the summer

Hannabiell at Snape in concert

David Dower at Hampstead jazz Club

readers' Digest Article on young musicians in the UK

Article on small labels and their influence

Everything else.


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