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News of London performance and workshop event for improvising musicians

In the Upper Silesian town of Zory in Poland, in 2007, a group of people came up with the idea of a festival that encouraged improvised music and singing and offered workshops and collaboration between the new and experienced musicians. A year later, the first Voicingers festival took place under the title of The International Jazz Competition for Singing Musicians. With its workshops and other events, the festival became a focus for musicians dealing with challenges, creating an ability to see them as inspiration and not obstacles. The festival encourages audiences and musicians to see what can be achieved by using music as the link and seeing how a community spirit creates unity. Now just fourteen years on, events are happening in France, Latvia, Estonia, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and many other countries to support improvising musicians. London hosted events in 2019, and this year, the festival returns to the city with a four-day festival full of concerts and workshops from the 3rd to the 6th of November. There will be events in Poland in August, and planned events are happening across many countries. (For more information, go to the links at the bottom of this piece.)

Voicingers events provide access to new and original music projects that use improvisation. Festival coordinator Karolina Micor says, "As well as promoting young professionals and working with those already established, the festival is there to benefit people who choose music as a life path. The Voicingers On Tour festival organizes workshops conducted by active European Jazz musicians with teaching experience. They are intended for vocalists and instrumentalists, amateurs, and students of music schools and aim to deepen the connection with their musicality. There will be workshops during which the participants will work in groups – children (aged 7- 15) or adolescents and adults (age 15+). In the evenings we will have two concerts followed by jam sessions. The concerts will focus on improvisation, including music and different arts (for example, Manu Domergue adds storytelling and theatre to his improvised concerts). On Saturday, we will be preparing for the final concert that includes performances by participants and the teachers. The London events will take place from 3rd to 6th November 2022. The Polish version of the festival lasts over a week (19th to 24th June), and there is a singing competition. "

Vocingers acts in two areas - professional and spiritual. Professional opportunities are provided in development, workshops, and experienced musicians working with those just at the start of their journey. It also encourages cooperation between international artistic communities and different cultures.

Voicingers also creates opportunities for a new generation of musicians through its showcase organized in cooperation with the Adam Mickeiwicz Institute and builds a platform for international cultural exchange and collaboration through music. The workshops cover many things, from breathing techniques, improvisation, rhythmic learning, playing in bands, singing in choirs, and dealing with the unexpected and learning in different ways. those leading the workshops come from a range of different areas and are experienced in their field.

For more details, visit the website here Voicingers – Voicingers Official Website or contact Malgorzata Janek ( or Karolina Micor (


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