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New Book The Wonder of Jazz already making impact

My new book 'The Wonder of Jazz' is getting great feedback. It hit the number 1 slot for Jazz Music on Amazon and is now available through other platforms too as e book and paperback ( links below). The book has over 100 musicians' input and is getting some great feedback. Some comments include:

"Whether you are a complete novice or jazz aficionado this book takes a fresh and very current look at the wonderful world of jazz, improvisation and it’s practitioners. Whether you are a complete novice or jazz aficionado this book takes a fresh and very current look at the wonderful world of jazz, improvisation and it’s practitioners..An Excellent read" Andy Quin, composer, musician

"This new book by Sammy Stein is a highly individual take on jazz past, present, and future that fizzes with enthusiasm and optimism. She has taken the trouble to seek ideas and insights from hundreds of musicians. " Jazz Halo

"In each paragraph of each chapter, a lot of care is taken to provide content that the reader can trust and use. ....... character. The Wonder of Jazz already has already a place among the reference books on the genre and it will certainly be cited in future academic and journalistic works." Geisa Fernandes, journalist

"The Wonder of Jazz takes you on a journey of discovery and revelation about jazz with detailed research and input from jazz influencers and audiences. The book features the history, impacts, and influences of jazz music. It is written in a way that will have you feel as if you are in a room with jazz lovers soaking in knowledge and passion. It is an informative and compelling read for jazz novices and future jazz music makers." Joel books

The book includes input from over 100 music people and covers subjects like the value of reviews, how musicians make their money, bullying, women in jazz, young musicians and how they are changing the music from within, game changers, history and the future as well as jazz's connection to other genres and impact on hip hop, third stream and other areas. Whether you are new to jazz, just intrigued or have a keen interest, the book is a great introduction and discussion of jazz, its cultural, social and political impact.

As a leading authority on her subject, reviewers say of Sammy Stein: "Her subjects bridge generations (and international boundaries) to honour the past, assess the present, and point to the future." Emile Menasche, Jazz Times

"It's all here, beautifully written, eloquently argued, clear-eyed in its intentions and open in its invitation" Jane Cornwell, Jazzwise Magazine "The sheer volume and status of the people who have given up their time to help Sammy, both women, and men, is a testament to the respect Sammy has earned across the industry and the trust people have in her to relay their stories faithfully." Darren Harper, Jazz Matters "Ms. Stein writes in a commanding and authoritative style that ensures that the reader's attention is grasped from the outset, and sets out her statements and opinions clearly and concisely before backing them up with solid facts and opinions "Nick Lea, Jazz Views About the author Sammy Stein is a reviewer, columnist, and author. She writes for Jazz Views, Something Else Reviews, Free Jazz Collective, and is the jazz correspondent for Platinum Mind. She has curated and hosted radio shows, and a jazz festival. Her books have won praise, including a Jazz Times Distaff Award and a place on their Gearhead list ad Phace Mag's Music Book of The Year award. She is International Editor for the Jazz Journalists Association and has had work commissioned into the Library of Congress in America, a huge honour for a non-US writer. And she did this twice. She has hosted radio series, including Ladies of Jazz, The Freer Side of Jazz, and curates the Jazz Treasure Trove for Jazz Bites Radio.


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