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New book announcement - coming very soon June 2022

I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that this book is coming to be published in June 2022. The journey to publication took over a year, starting with me throwing out some questions to musicians and seeing what response I got. Questions such as who do you think was the first jazz musician? Where did jazz really begin and when? How do musicians make money? Are there jazz dynasties? What do you feel about reviews and streaming?

I wondered what response, if any, I might get but the reaction was amazing. So many musicians, PR people, agents, radio hosts, other authors and people interested in jazz responded. The book started out as a history of the development of jazz but turned into something far greater, thanks to the input from incredible people, ideas they put forward and areas they wanted to discuss more.

So the book evolved, was written, copy edited by Richard Sheehan - an experienced and forensic editor -, typeset by Kate, proof read by Richard, the cover was decided - eventually - working with the wonderful Ken, an ISBN purchased and finally, it is almost ready.

A journey through the book includes a brief history, a look at what defines jazz, jazz and other genres, links to hip hop, third stream, classical and art. Even links to boxing. It delves deep into jazz dynasties, looks at the social , political and cultural impact jazz has had upon us and how jazz is profoundly affected the music of the world. Racial issues, unrest and civil rights are included too,

We also look at how the future of jazz might look, the energy coming from young musicians who are changing established canons in the music from within.

ALready I have been asked to guest on radio shows and pod casts because the book covers areas like the value of reviews, streaming and its impact and just so many areas which musicians wanted discussed and hopefully, their voices are heard loud and clear.

One of the joys of writing this was being able to write not as an observer, which is the stance many authors take, but from the viewpoint of those directly involved in jazz music, so the book feels authentic and truthful.

It is published in June and I hope it allows readers - whether jazz afficionados or simply people with a passing interest in jazz - to understand, come to know and love the music we are part of. There is always room in jazz and hopefully this book will open the door for many more to enjoy and share. I am overwhelmingly grateful that people have been generous with their thoughts and time - it constantly surprises me who will speak with me and the profound thoughts which are shared - from bullying experiences to the hope for a more inclusive future.

I called the book ' The Wonder of Jazz' because, for me, jazz continually provides the wonder we all need in our lives.


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