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Giuseppe Doronzo wins BUMA Music in motion award for short film GOYA

I reviewed Guiseppe's album 'Aterraterr for Something Else Reviews back in January 2022 here Giuseppe Doronzo + Pino Basile - 'Aterraterr' (2021) ( and said I expected more to come of this musician. Well, I received a welcome email yesterday saying, "Hi Sammy, I'm thrilled and honoured to share with you that I won the BUMA Music in Motion Awards - Best original composition for the music I wrote for the short film GOYA."

Now, I am not one to say I knew something like this might happen but the jury said of Giuseppe " "The short film GOYA is a memory-gathering story. In a dreamlike video in cinematic style, a wondrous journey of an anonymous character unfolds, parallel to which the attempt to find the origin of the journey itself is revealed. The image and music in this short film reinforce each other very much. You could say that music is half of this film.

The score excels in originality, is progressive and surprising. Giuseppe Doronzo knows how to produce a powerful and original production with less traditional instruments and arrangements.

Special mention for the wonderful use of woodwinds."

So congratulations to Giuseppe and hopefully this is the first of many awards for this musician.


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