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Fabulous new book shines a spotlight on female musicians

Updated: Aug 19, 2023


Release Date 1/9/23

Top Female Musicians Share Their Remarkable Journeys

new book by award-winning author Sammy Stein

7th August 2023 UK

For decades, female musicians have played second fiddle to men. This book gives them their voice.

“Using my huge network of music connections, I decided to give top female musicians the power long denied them by publishing this series of powerful, profound interviews about their journeys in music.” Sammy Stein August 2023

Jazz Times Distaff Award winner, Gearhead lister, top reviewer, and columnist, Sammy Stein has been commissioned by Readers’ Digest, Wejazz, and several columns. Known for her direct, supportive but no-nonsense approach to musicians and music. Her previous books have gained stellar reviews and she is hugely respected by musicians and editors alike.

Fabulous Female Musicians In the vibrant world of music, the journeys of female musicians are often overshadowed by their male counterparts. "Fabulous Female Musicians" is a remarkable book that shifts the spotlight and celebrates the exceptional talents and inspiring stories of top female musicians. From jazz to classical, folk to Indian raga, this captivating collection of interviews introduces musicians who have made significant contributions to the music industry. Join the captivating journey as we delve into the lives and experiences of these remarkable women. The Power of Diversity "Fabulous Female Musicians" offers a kaleidoscope of diversity, featuring musicians from various genres, countries, and age groups. Sammy Stein's extensive jazz connections have allowed her to connect with artists across musical landscapes, resulting in a rich tapestry of experiences. Whether they hail from the United Kingdom, United States, India, Azerbaijan, or elsewhere, these talented women share a common passion for music and a unique perspective on their journeys. Within the book's pages, readers will be captivated by intimate interviews that reveal these female musicians' personal stories and musical odysseys. Stein's carefully crafted questions prompt the artists to share their beginnings, from how they discovered their instruments to the obstacles they faced along the way. Through their accounts, we gain a profound understanding of the emotions music evokes and the transformative power it holds in their lives. Overcoming Challenges The book fearlessly tackles difficult topics female musicians face in the industry. From sexual assault to confronting misogyny and bullying, the interviews shed light on obstacles artists have encountered and their resilience. "Fabulous Female Musicians" raises awareness and serves as a platform for discussions surrounding gender equality in the music world. A Global Perspective One of the book's strengths lies in its global representation, bringing together musicians from different cultures and backgrounds. By showcasing the experiences of artists from diverse countries, "Fabulous Female Musicians" highlights the universal nature of music and its ability to transcend borders. Readers will gain a broader appreciation for the ways in which different musical traditions and cultures have shaped the lives and careers of these extraordinary women. Empowering and Inspiring Amidst the challenges and struggles, the interviews in "Fabulous Female Musicians" exude a tremendous amount of positivity. The artists' resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for their craft serve as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and readers alike. The book offers practical advice and valuable insights for those seeking to embark on their own musical journeys, making it an essential resource for music enthusiasts and aspiring artists. "Fabulous Female Musicians" by Sammy Stein is a captivating tribute to the remarkable women who have shaped the music industry. Through their candid and heartfelt interviews, readers gain a deeper appreciation for the struggles, triumphs, and immense talent that these female musicians possess. It is a book that celebrates their achievements, inspires future generations, and paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse musical landscape.

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Musicians include Leni Stern, Charu Suri, Destiny Muhammad, China Moses, Ellen Rowe, Amina Figarova, Simone Baron, Zoe Rahman, Brigitte Beraha, Emma Smith, Collette Cooper, and more.


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