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Chris Foster is an Australian jazz pianist and composer based in Perth. His debut album ‘In Motion’ first digitally released in October 2022 is now available on vinyl. Following a sold-out performance of the digital launch, the album is now available on a beautifully crafted 12-inch vinyl record. The album will enthral music enthusiasts with its fusion of contemporary jazz compositions and timeless vinyl charm.

From the gentleness of ‘Emilietta’ the haunting melodies of ‘Search For Echoes’ or the endearingly playful ‘Family’ and the charm of ‘Better’ this is a classy, well-produced album, the three musicians displaying that uncanny ability to bounce off each other with solos and strong support to the piano’s lead. From the profound longing in ‘Better’ to the tranquil observation of snowfall in ‘For the Winter’, the album's tracks offer an immersive exploration of human emotion.

‘In Motion’ showcases a collection of seven original compositions, each recounting a distinct narrative inspired by Chris' personal encounters. The album transports listeners on a visceral voyage, provoking a spectrum of sentiments through its meticulously crafted melodies and evocative arrangements.

‘In Motion’, the vinyl edition was launched at Perth's premier jazz haven, The Ellington Jazz Club earlier in September. Of the vinyl release and album, Chris says, “’ In Motion’ is a journey of emotion through music. The album has been 5 years in the making and I’m thrilled to now be sharing these compositions which have such great meaning to me, with the world.”

The album features some of Australia’s premier musicians, featuring Daniel Susnjar on drums and Nick Abbey on double bass, as well as Chris on piano.

Foster comments, “We’ve been performing original music as a trio for over 8 years,”

‘In Motion’ was meticulously crafted, with Chris Foster's own Yamaha C7 grand piano taking centre stage to ensure an authentic representation of his compositions.

Each track is accompanied by Foster’s notes, where he provides personal insights into the inspiration and composition of each track. From honouring relationships to capturing the forces of nature, these notes offer a deeper understanding of the emotional expedition that ‘In Motion’ embarks upon.

For more information about Chris Foster, his music, and the upcoming album, visit

Listen to In Motion on Bandcamp: In Motion Album on Bandcamp

In Motion Vinyl LP Track Listing:

Side A:

1. Cape to Cape

2. Better

3. Search for Echoes

4. For The Winter

Side B:

1. Family

2. Emilietta

3. Surge Scourge (alternate extended ending)

Digital Release Features 11 Tracks:

1. At Long Last

2. Emilietta

3. Search for Echoes

4. Family

5. Cape to Cape

6. For the Winter

7. Better

8. Progression

9. Looking Sideways

10. Together Again

11. Surge Scourge (radio edit)

Engineer Kieran Kenderessy recorded, edited, and mixed the album, and the mastering was done by William Bowden of King Willy Sound in Launceston, Tasmania.


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