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Amo Jr has a stunning new single release

When I first listened to the single 'Emotions' by Amo Jr, it felt special, so I reviewed it for Platinum Mind here Single Review: “Emotions” – Amo Jr. Words: Sammy Stein –

Del, the editor agreed with me that this is amazing music by an artist who has had his fair share of emotional journeys up to this point. Based in Hamburg, Amo Jr, has had previous musical incarnations as Pap C and Bursty Burst. His given name is Fidelis Amo-Antwi and he is originally Ghanaian but his family fled the Rawlings regime during the 1980s and Amo found music was his release and his place.

This single is form a forthcoming album called 'Good Qulity' which will be released later in 2022 and if the quality of the single is anything to go by, the album should be worth the wait.

Amo Jr's music is both reflective and mellifluous, his rich, warm tones adding depth to the song and the arrangement is subtle and very sweet.

'Emotions' speaks to the heart. A video accompanies the single release and you can watch and see Amo more using the links here.

Spotify Soundcloud Composer: Amo Jr

Arrangements: Amo Jr and Franz Schedlbauer

Piano – Amo Jr

Guitars, bass - Christian Schallert

Flute – Charlette Ortmann

Programming – Franz Schedlbauer

Artist connect Official Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Spotify Bandcamp


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